Things to Know about Yahoo!!

Yahoo is one of the most popular and fastest search engine or web portal used worldwide.  It is one of the popular destinations on the web offering a web portal, a search engine, mail, news, sports, videos, and much more services. It provides 1 TB of initial storage to its users. With the help of it, you can share high-resolution photos, videos, and attachments and much more you want to share with your friends and families. Millions of users use Yahoo for their personal or commercial purpose. There are lots of features which are offered by Yahoo mail as it is one of the best web mail services.

Yahoo Search option

  •  To go to the front page of yahoo, you just simply need to type “” into browser’s search field.
  • For Yahoo search engine, you need to enter “”.
  • For Yahoo mail, you need to enter “”.
  • For yahoo extensive directory, enter “”.
  • For personal web portal that you can easily customize, type “”

Search Tips for Yahoo:
  • Be accurate with your search- It’s show result from both human edited directory and from its own search engine. Using specific keywords for your search is very helpful in narrowing your search

  • Yahoo Cheat sheet- In this, there are many Yahoo shortcuts which make Yahoo search result faster and accurate. By using this feature, you can make your experience better and also it save your time.

  • Yahoo Reference Search- yahoo has a plenty of great reference materials available for a good result. These are some great resources offered by Yahoo

  • Yahoo currently owns over fifty web properties, most of the sites that gained popularity before Yahoo have acquired them.

  • Users can access Yahoo through many platforms such as Android, iOS, or another browser window.

Yahoo Home Page

It offers many search options in its search page which include search on the web, search for photos, and also search in the Yahoo directory, search locally, search news and also do shopping. Moreover, you can also look for current weather, upcoming movies and much more.

Some Facts About to Yahoo

These are the resources which are provided by the Yahoo to its users. Yahoo is very simple and easy to use. It was very popular in the 90s but after Google had arrived Yahoo popularity level starts decreasing but Yahoo has return back with ultimate new features in its latest version.

For More Assistance :

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+44 - 800-051-3717 (UK)

+61-180-082-5192 (AUS)  


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