Is It Possible To Deactivate Or Delete My Facebook Account? Get It Done!!

Deactivating your Facebook account provides you with the versatility to quit and come back whenever you wish. If you deactivate your FB account people won’t be able to view your Facebook Timeline, but messages you have sent will still seen by those by those who received them. Reasons for deactivating your account may include studying, travelling, recuperating or anything you don’t want to waste your time on Facebook, and don’t like others to post things on your wall, or tag you in posts while you are away. You can deactivate your account whenever you want, for as long as you wish when you are ready to rejoin your known ones on FB, your friends and photos will be there waiting for you.

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If you permanently delete your account, you will never be able to regain access to your Facebook account 2 weeks from the date of processing account deletion request. Facebook instructs you that it take up to 90 days for removing all of the things you’ve posted, like, status updates, your photos or other data saved in backup systems. Once your FB account is deactivated or deleted, your information is still unavailable to the other people using Facebook.

  •      Press the account menu located at the top right of the Facebook page.
  •     Choose Settings, then Security in the left-hand column.
  •     Select Deactivate your account then carefully follow the steps to confirm.

How to delete your Facebook account?

If you really want to exit from Facebook, there is a method of making a permanent exit. This method permanently removes your profile data and Facebook history, so you can't activate again your Facebook account later.

It will take 14 days to permanently remove your Facebook account, but it's not difficult to do. To permanently remove your Facebook account, press the Delete button on this page
  •      First, you need to go to the Delete Facebook Account page.
  •     Press "Submit". Follow the instructions carefully.
  •     If you change your mind within 2 weeks and again logging back will recover your account Facebook.
  •     If you don't sign in till 2 weeks your account and all its information will be permanently deleted. Everything will be removed.

These are some steps which will definitely help you to permanently delete or deactivate your Facebook account. To know more about this you can contact Facebook support team for quick support.

Dial toll-free number:

+1-844-773-9313 (USA, CANADA)
+44-800-051-3717 (UK)
+61-180-082-5192 (AUS)


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