Some Of The Best Yahoo Tips And Tricks.

Some of the useful tips and tricks that every user must aware about. Below mentioned tips are useful to resolve some of the common Yahoo mail issues.

1. The easiest way to recover a forgotten Yahoo! Mail password

Your password enables to enjoy services provided By Yahoo. The forgetting password can be really annoying sometimes. But if your email account is updated then it is very easy to recover Yahoo mail password by using the sign-in helper, just by verifying your identity with your registered phone number or recovery Email address.

2. Get back a deleted Yahoo mail quickly

Losing an important email is really very problematic and is requires fast recovery. If you have deleted an important email and you want to recover it back, you just need to check your trash folder as deleted emails directly move to trash folder of yahoo email account. Select the desired email and click “move” a pop-up with the list of existing folder will appear to select a folder in which you want to save the email

3. Add “signature” to your mails.

Express yourself with your signature or you can add your contact info as your signature. Your signature will be added to your email every time you send it
Click on the settings icon on the left top of your Yahoo mail inbox, Choose “accounts” and then “yahoo”, you will a page where you need to fill all your details and your desired signature as well.

4. Block spam or unwanted email addresses.

Yahoo provides you an option of blocking contacts you don’t want to contact anymore or who are sending spam to your mail id. You can block 500 email addresses in Yahoo mail.

Go to The settings icon on the top of yahoo mail inbox page drop down will appear choose settings and add the email address you want to block. Blocked users will never receive any notification about that but you will no longer receive the messages from their side.

5. One can choose multiple messages in Yahoo messenger app.

 If you are looking for an option with the help of which you can choose multiple messages at the same time. Because making an action on every single message can be really irritating. Simply check the box in the first email in the list and then hold the shift key as long as you see a “check” in the front of email you want to select and then check the last email of the list.

6.  Organize your email by creative different folders.

Creating folders will definitely make your work easier. It is the really useful feature of Yahoo mail that helps you to find a specific email easily into the relevant folder.
Creating a folder is as simple as sending an email. You will find an option of “folder” in the list that appears on the left side of the inbox, just hover your mouse on that option and click on +, it will let you add a new folder. Now name your folder accordingly and press “Ok”. Here is your new folder of your choice.

7. How to delete a folder in Yahoo.

If you think that it is the time to delete a folder you have created and want to get rid of those emails you saved in that folder, then there are few simple steps you need to learn.
If you are sure that you want to delete your custom folder, open the respective folder and make you have moved all mails that you saved or you can empty the folder by deleting all emails. Now when a folder is completely vacant, click on that folder in the list of your folders and right click on it. Now choose the option of “delete folder”.

8. Avail Yahoo mail help.

There is a solution available for every Yahoo related problem. You can easily find steps of recovery for your problem. But some issues are really bothering and Yahoo being the most user –friendly platform provides Yahoo mail support by clicking on Yahoo! Help .But some issues are so complicated that the recovery steps are partially helpful. At that time third party Yahoo technical support come to the rescue. You can get help by dialing toll-free numbers and get a complete technical assistance over the phone.


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