Is It Easy To Forward An Email Containing Attachments In Yahoo Mail Classic?

Yahoo is one of the popular tools used around the globe. Millions of people use this webmail portal to connect with their friends, families, and colleagues.  With the help of it, the user can easily send or receive images, attachments and much more. It is one of the safest webmail clients which use advanced security features for their users. It gives a wide varieties of features to their users. They can even personalize their inbox

Email forwarding commonly refers to the process of sending the email message delivered to one inbox to another email address or the same one from where you received.

To forward an email in the Yahoo Mail Classic is a very simple process. We can easily forward our messages containing the text or attachment but sometimes we may face a problem while forwarding our attachments to another user. Fortunately, experts of Yahoo have found the way for their users to forward an email along with its attachments. Here we are providing you the information by which you can easily forward an email containing the attachments.

To forward an email that along with attachments in Yahoo! Mail Classic, you need to follow these steps carefully:

  • First, you need to visit the Yahoo Sign-in helper page to login to your Yahoo account by entering your Yahoo credentials.
  • Scroll your cursor over the message you want to forward.
  • Click on it to open the message which you want to forward in Yahoo mail classic version
  • You need to hold down the Ctrl for Windows or Linux OS and Alt key for Mac operating system while pressing the Forward button.
  • You can add text in subject and body if you want.
  • Press the Send button.

·         In a later version of Y! Mail Classic, the real message's attachments were automatically forwarded.

These above-mentioned steps will definitely help you to send an email along with its attachments to any other email address. If you find any difficulty while executing these steps, then you can easily take support from the experts by visiting Yahoo helpdesk services page for quick support.


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