Top 3 Hacks To Prevent Your Facebook From The Malicious Effect Of Ransomware

The global cyber attack that is infamously known as Ransomware attack is currently a “hot Potato” that is trending over the web and media houses worldwide. 

On May 12th 2017 the world the biggest ever cyber attacks of all the times, that affected over 200,000 organizations across 150 countries of the world. It was even massive than Dyn DDoS. One of the most malicious Ransomware - “WannaCry” spread like mammoth wildfire that has an epicenter in the Europe.

Undoubtedly, it is a multi-million-dollar Cybercrime attack that maliciously affected everyone from hospitals to police departments to online accounts of individuals like Facebook, Gmail or Twitter. Chances are that your account has been blocked by the Facebook to avoid the virus enter your profile and intend to steal data that might be confidential for you.
If there is nothing wrong with your Facebook after such massive attacks, then you’re lucky. However, you never know! It might be possible in the next couple of hours your Facebook account is at the gunpoint of Ransomware.

In order to prevent this horrendous cyber attack to target your online accounts, I have come up with top 3 effective hacks that would definitely help you to keep away your Facebook from this massive data breach attempt by hackers.

Top 3 Proactive Hacks to protect your Facebook

1.      Backup your Facebook Data Immediately

The best way to prevent Ransomware is by creating backup files of all the important data on the daily basis. It will help you even when your Facebook and servers get locked due to the effect of this cyber attack. If you have the backup all your files, you don't have to pay to see your data again.

2.      Clicking On Solicited Links Is A Big No

The majority of the Ransomware attacks was targeted through phishing attacks, which includes messages or post that carry a malicious attachment or links that ask you to click on the URL, where malware secretively gets into your Facebook to steal your data.

3.      Make Sure you have updated Antivirus

Cyber criminals’ post millions of the malicious links on Facebook, even they send a text that contains solicited links by hacking your friend's account. So, if you have updated Antivirus, it will prevent malicious virus to enter your device.
Hope the above-mentioned hacks help you to protect your Facebook account from the malicious attack of Ransomware virus. In case, you get affected due to Ransomware; feel free to contact Facebook helpline number for immediate help.


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